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Wongu University celebrated its two year anniversary on October 1st, 2014.  Our dedicated faculty, staff and committed students are continuing to make history as Nevada’s first and only approved University of Oriental Medicine.  Wongu University is continuing to strive towards its goal of becoming a national and international leader in holistic healthcare education.  In addition to contributing to the improvement of  the human condition, the school continues its quest to become the premier trainer of competent and compassionate practitioners of Oriental Medicine.  Wongu University is honored to be at the forefront of the global healthcare challenge and is steadfast in fulfilling its role as a responsible global citizen.  If you share this outlook, join us at Wongu University and help change the world into a better place.

At Wongu University, students follow a path forged thousands of years ago. Learning the ancient science of holistic healing from experienced practitioners, students acquire the skills necessary to provide healthcare treatment that is non-invasive and has minimal to no ill side effects. By learning to provide holistic healthcare to patients, students develop a deeper appreciate for their patients as unique individuals with unique needs. Incorporating compassion into healthcare training is a critical component of Wongu University’s purpose.

Currently, the State of Nevada arguably has the greatest gap between the supply and demand for licensed, properly trained practitioners of Oriental Medicine. While opportunities for licensed and properly trained practitioners exist worldwide, there are significant professional opportunities within the State. Wongu University is working towards addressing the shortfall in the supply of practitioners and contributing to the diversification of the State economy.

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The Health Center renovations are now complete.

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