Kim, Ki Hoon
Iamsirithaworn, Chalaiporn
Academic Dean | Clinic Supervisor | Professor
Davies, Daniel
President & CEO | Alumni Relations | Professor
Stueber, Angela
Professor | Clinic Supervisor
Davies, Daniel
Board Member
Yanai, Carolyn
Chief Financial Officer
Sequera, Lisa
Director of Admissions | Human Resource Officer | Student Services | Director of Marketing | Safety Officer
Jackson, Fredrick L.
Kelley, Fiona
Macalinao, Dominique
Associate Academic Dean | Library Coordinator
Burton, Samia
Board Member
Nguyen, Chau
Registrar | Financial Aid Officer | Professor
Yanai, Takanori Nathan
Facilities Manager | Privacy Officer | General Affairs
Jian Zhang
Professor I Clinic Supervisor
Yanai, Josh
Information Technology & Communications Officer
Lanier, Anita
Fiala, Deborah
Admissions Coordinator | International Student Coordinator
Brandt, Nancy
Christal Concepcion
Privacy Officer | Clinic Administrative Support Specialist
April Jones
Safety Officer | University Administrative Support Specialist