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Adjunct Professor

Job Summary

The Adjunct Professor teaches in discipline areas in which he or she has specific training and competence. As such, the professor is expected to plan, organize, and teach in a manner that encourages development with the university’s mission, vision, and guiding principles. He or she also promotes and directs successful student learning in keeping with the learning-centered values and goals of the university.


  1. Develop and manage syllabus materials. The adjunct professor is responsible for selecting and compiling tests, assignments, and/or discussion exercises that permit measurement of performance relative to standardized learning objectives.
  2. Coordinate coursework and curriculum with Academic Dean. The adjunct professor is responsible for reviewing any textbook and other coursework changes with the Academic Dean and other full-time faculty teaching the course.
  3. Facilitate class instruction. The adjunct professor is responsible for teaching assigned class in accordance with learning objectives and session plan outlines specified by Wongu University.
  4. Evaluate student performance. The adjunct professor is expected to administer evaluations of student performance based on course deliverables and course rubrics.
  5. Adhere to protocol and guidelines set forth by the university.
  6. Respond promptly to grade determination. The adjunct professor should submit grades for any assignments, discussions exercises, and exams and course completion.
  7. Input final grades into Populi.
  8. Participate, facilitate, and coordinate in staff and faculty quarterly meetings.


A minimum of a master’s degree in their teaching field from an accredited institution. Those in a clinical setting, will need to also have five years of experience as an Oriental Medicine Doctor.

Application Information:

Please submit cover letter, resume and references to:

Carolyn Yanai

Human Resource Officer

(702) 463-2122

[email protected]

[email protected]