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Herbal Dispensary

Herbal Dispensary

CP305 Herbal Dispensary                

2 Units/40 Hours
Prerequisites: CP301

This course is a supervised practical experience in the herbal dispensary, including basic practices and management of herbal dispensary, selecting, weighing and preparing appropriate herbal formulas as requested. In addition, students will be gaining knowledge and familiarity with herb categories and identification, preparation of powder formulas and patent pills, conversion to/from raw formula dosages as well as modification of powder formulas. When appropriate, the students will prepare raw herb formulas for dispensing to patients, and participate in patient education on the use of herbal formulas.

In addition, this practical course will give students the opportunity to learn aspects of running an herbal dispensary, including learning how to set up and clean preparation areas, and storage of herbs and equipment. Student will have opportunity to learn inventory procedures; cataloging and restocking, as students will be asked to assist when new inventory arrives.